Upgrade Electrical Service When Remodeling

Home upgrades such as additions to your garage, or living space, remodeling of kitchens, finished basements or new lighting upgrades, K-Co Electric has provided many services in Farmington, Plainville, Southington, Simsbury, Burlington, etc. It’s time to consider projects so that you can enjoy it with the benefits of resale down the road. All this should be a major consideration to homeowners whose outside meter box, service wires are leaking water into the panel or showing signs of rust since this could be a major problem and inconvenience you won’t realize it until potential power loss or fire. Addressing these issues now can save property damage or loss of life due to fire.
Not having enough power to run a modern home could cause problems. In today’s world the average home should be equipped with at least 200 amp service. As to the homes of old when 60 amps was fine. Lack of ample power can lead to breakers tripping equipment not running correctly. The thing you should ask yourself is why that fuse or breaker tripping is, this is something that should be looked into.

There are still lots, and lots of houses that have the old fuse box in the basement. Fuses can be one of the best ways to protect any circuit, but a big problem is that the house itself is not wired in the correct manner for today’s time. The first thing most people do when a fuse blows is put a bigger fuse in. What this does is changes the amps the circuit is allowing to go through the wire. Big problem, the wire that carries the power is sized to certain amount of amps. An example a 15 amp fuse is for 14 gage wire so when this fuse trips people change it to a 20 amp or even worse a 30 amp fuse. This did not solve the problem it now has become a time bomb. See, the fuse won’t trip like it was before you put a bigger fuse in, but the wire that connects to the fuse is heating up and breaking down every time it’s under stress. Sooner or latter you will have a Fire or Major Life Safety Issue. K-Co Electric has seen many bad displays of home owners trying to fix it them self, this is not the right answer. Call us we can help before it’s too late 860-404-0230.

The best time to take advantage of rewiring is during a remodeling or addition project. The walls may be open and new wires can be run at ease. Don’t feel that this is the only time to upgrade your wires in the wall we can still do it with the walls closed up. So, stop and think about it if your going to sell your house someday, with all upgrades this will increase your value of your home, or at least make it for a safer night sleep.