Storm Season = Power Outages

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Storm Season = Power Outages

Storm Season Means Power Outages in Connecticut.

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It’s time for homeowners to consider the upcoming storm season. Now is the time to get ready- during the months before storm season – and facilitate the wiring for a back-up generator.

K-Co Electric wires back-up generator power in many local towns such as Plainville, Farmington, and Avon. Homeowners should consider all their options for back-up generators.  Sometimes, a stand-up generator is not enough! And it is more cost effective to utilize today’s UL approved methods- a portable generator can back-feed your entire house for a small fraction of the cost in the safest manner.

Don’t be one of the homeowners waiting until the last minute, and being caught without power for cooking, hot water and other amenities.  If you do, you may find that materials, like ice or food, are hard to come by due to high demand. With this understanding, right now is the best time to consider a generator; the calm before the storm.

K-Co Electric provides many electrical services such as generators, service upgrades, smoke detectors or general electrical installations. The best way to understand the value of preparing ahead is by taking a minute to consider the cost of food loss, lodging, and the total inconvenience of a power outage.

There are steps that you can take to prevent catastrophe. Having your electrical service evaluated in preparation of a storm is one of these steps! Your electrician from Kco Electric will evaluate your home and inspect tell-tale signs of a problem coming your way, such as cracked wiring, lose straps, rusted meter sockets and rusted panel. K-Co Electric is the electrical contractor for you. In helping you be more prepared, by providing preventative maintenance. Time and time again, the emergency call comes in- the customer has a generator and is looking for someone to install it quickly.

 Avoid being caught off guard and plan ahead!

Two storms ago, 800,000 + Connecticut business owners and residents lost power. Supplies like ice, eggs, bread and back-up generators were sold out for weeks! People felt as if nothing could be done at that point. It is very important to take time to prepare for a storm, instead of later. You can sleep well knowing that you’re ready for power outages.

The portable generator as a backup power supply, wired properly into your house’s existing panel, is the most affordable and responsible way to prepare for the unknown. Rest assured, knowing that you have heat, running water, lights, and the ability to cook.

Give us a call today. It pays to look ahead- if you keep up with general electrical maintenance, you can live in your home comfortably as the storms passes. We have been servicing towns such as Avon, Farmington, Plainville, Bristol, Burlington, and the surrounding area with this electrical service for years.

K-Co Electric offers a 24 hour emergency service for electrical outages/problems in Plainville, Farmington, Avon, Canton, Burlington, Bristol, and surrounding area.

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