Security Installation in International Magnet School, CT

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Security Installation in International Magnet School, CT

What’s new with K-Co Electric, LLC. you ask? Well, K-Co is very pleased to have taken part in a security installation in a new International Magnet School in CT. Knowing that action has been taken to help secure and protect our children while they attend school is a comfort that can’t be measured. In saying such a statement we all have to understand nothing is fool proof but we are getting better.

Think about it, the thing that keeps us up at night is what we can’t foresee. Such as business, parking lots, or any facility that is locked up at night or even during the day in many locations you can have the ability to supervise and bring some kind of comfort to all with security solutions.

K-Co Electric is proud to say that we can get answers and do installations from a reliable source such as with a company like Axxess Technology, Inc. In today’s world people need to know who’s coming and going and the ability for Access control/Restriction, with the ability to monitor with live video surveillance and data back up. You don’t just want to leave the door open and not know who’s coming in, do you? There are things that can be put in place like card readers with person identification access, cameras, motion detection and so many ways to help serve workers and increase safety in the community presently.

There are so many things that can be done to help increase the safety and comfort of all. Healthcare facility’s that need patient call for help/distress needs. All can be done with K-Co Electric’s ability and knowledge to put a package together, install and help train the customer with the superior supervision of Axxess Technology.

Surveillance may not put an end to the bad that may happen but can be a deterrence in the mind of a criminal. Campus, parking garages, etc. must consider the safety of everyone and should be equipped, in K-Co Electric’s opinion, with emergency call stations and remote camera’s. Everything mentioned can linked back to command center/central station to respond with help!

There is such a wide world of knowledge with data and communications in today’s time frame. K-Co Electric has been installing such systems as fire and emergency protection devices for years in towns like Hartford, The State Armory, hospitals, Plainville nursing facility, water treatment plants, schools, right down to your next door grocery store or Minnie Mart. If the need to have water temperature leak sensor alarms, or environmental problem detection, Fire alarm devices installed, we can do this.