Importance of Hiring a Licensed Electrician

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Importance of Hiring a Licensed Electrician

When you’re looking for an electrician, you may see one quote that is far below the others. When you do, you need to ask how they can charge so much less. Often, the answer will be that the low offer isn’t from a licensed electrician. While having a license may seem like it’s just a technicality that doesn’t really matter, it’s actually one of the most important ways to guarantee the quality of the work and to make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong. Here’s why you should limit your search to licensed electricians:

Avoid Personal Liability

Working with electricity is dangerous work. While injuries are rare when proper safety steps are taken, accidents do happen. In addition, faulty wiring could lead to fires, and if you live in a condo or place where houses are close together, the fire may not just affect you.

If something does happen, the injured party will likely be looking for someone to pay for it. Almost all licensed electricians carry insurance coverage that covers injuries to their workers as well as any injuries or damage arising out of mistakes made in their work. All you’ll need to do is have your insurance company contact theirs. Unlicensed electricians rarely have coverage. If they hurt themselves, they may try to make a claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy or to sue you. If their work leads to injuries or property damage to a neighbor or other third party, that person could end up suing you and you want to be sure you can turn to the electrician for reimbursement..

Know Where to Find Them If Something Goes Wrong

Choosing a licensed electrician isn’t just about having someone to pay for any mishaps, it’s also about knowing where to find that person. If you do need to make a claim or if a contractor disappears with your money before the work is satisfactorily completed, good luck trying to find an unlicensed electrician. You should always be able to find a licensed electrician, though, because they’re required to provide the licensing authority with a current address. Many licensed electricians are also required to post a bond that can be used to pay for any outstanding claims.

Licensed Electricians are Competent

In most areas, part of the licensing process is testing to show minimal competence at performing electrical work. While the standard to pass is relatively low and you should still check reviews to find the best electrician, by using a licensed electrician, you should at least know that their work won’t burn your house down. An unlicensed electrician hasn’t even shown that much. In addition, you’ll also want to make sure your electrician will follow the building code to avoid problems when you sell your house — the licensing process also makes sure electricians are familiar with what permits they need to acquire and how the work needs to be performed to be up to code.

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