Flickering Lights in Your Home–Don’t Call Ghostbusters–Call an Electrician!

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Flickering Lights in Your Home–Don’t Call Ghostbusters–Call an Electrician!

If you think dear old dead Uncle George is playing one of his practical jokes when your lights flicker at random times, it may be time for you to question your belief that Uncle George’s mischievous spirit is capable of manipulating the electrical wiring in your home. For example, to cause your lights to flicker or dim and then brighten like a supernova, Uncle George would have to know how to disrupt connections in your home or business’s electrical system without deactivating the whole system. If you know for a fact that your electrical wiring is less then 10 years old, chances are Uncle George is not responsible for wire deterioration that comes from continual use and corrosive environmental factors.

The Dangers of Arcing

“Arcing” could be the culprit behind your flickering lights. Then again, it may be due to the mean antics of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man rather than Uncle George’s hyperactivity. Seriously, though, an arcing fault indicates that high temperatures are being generated within a building’s electrical wiring because of old or defective insulation, poorly maintained wiring, moisture or damage caused by creatures that like to chew.

Ignoring flickering lights or intermittent electrical surges that cause lights to radiate brightly for a few seconds before dimming is like ignoring the fact that Uncle George may be hiding in your walls playing with matches. Arcing produces extreme hot spots capable of igniting any kind of combustible material within seconds of the fault occurring. What makes matters worse is the fact that fires caused by arc faults start inside walls rather than outside. By the time you smell or see smoke, an arc fire has usually engulfed the area surrounding the origin of the arc.

Electricians–NotGhostbusters–Need to Replace Defective Breaker Switches

Corroded, weakened contacts can be another reason why your lights are flickering. You may also notice a slight sizzling or hissing sound coming from the switch that could indicate loose or deteriorated wires are overheating as electricity surges through them when you flip the switch. Surely Uncle George wouldn’t cause such dangerous conditions in your home, let alone inconvenient you with having to worry about why your lights are flickering–would he?

Is Your Home or Business’s Wiring Older than Uncle George?

The wiring originally installed in your older home was probably not designed to safely handle the electrical feeding frenzy that occurs when all of today’s digitally constructed devices are humming away in the home simultaneously. Just like Uncle George’s body finally gave out (but not his spirit, of course), your home or business’s old electrical wiring is no longer the strong, brand-new wiring it used to be. Inevitably–and sooner than you think– it will heave one last sigh and stop conducting electricity altogether. In fact, if your lights are flickering right now and have been for a while, this might be the last time you can only hope its Uncle George feeling frisky again.

Never delay getting professional electrical assistance when your lights are flickering. It’s risky, dangerous and will eventually lead to even more costly repairs when a fire ignites due to faulty wiring conditions.

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