Electricians are your saviors in the wintertime

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Electricians are your saviors in the wintertime

Recently, Winter Storm Denise has caused havoc in many areas of the country, dropping heavy snowfall and bringing high winds.  Bitter cold grips the Midwest.  In other parts of the country, there are tornados and thunderstorms.

Just a week ago, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy issued a severe cold weather warning for the state, urging state shelters to be extra vigilant and make sure that people in need are warm and safe.  He said, “I am also encouraging local communities to consider opening warming centers or other facilities to help people in need.”

In the event of severe cold weather, the state follows a protocol.  It activates an internet-based communications network that emergency officials use to stay on top of things.  Such efficient coordination ensures that no matter how cold the weather is the state is ready.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that winter thus far has been unpredictable and uncomfortable.  State officials are on the ball.  Are you?  How does your home feel?  Is it comfortable?  I hope it is, because the outside is not.  When you think of comfort, think of an electrician.  Better yet, when you think of winter, think of an electrician.

Electricians are crucial in the winter months.  If your home is cold, there is a great possibility that your home has poor insulation.  You best call an electrician.  They will walk through your home and find the cold spots and will suggest steps you can take to better insulate your home.  If your home is insulated poorly, the bitter cold will tear you and your family apart.  Insulation is the first step to comfort.

We depend on our appliances and gadgets, especially during the winter months.  After all, the cold forces many of us indoors.  To be safe, you should call an electrician and get a routine checkup.  He or she will make sure your home is functioning at the optimal energy-efficient level.  Many people underestimate how important energy efficiency is in the winter.  When the gadgets go, so does the sanity.

Perhaps we should then reevaluate the classic song Winter Wonderland:

When it snows, it isn’t thrilling

When your home’s cold and you get a chilling

Call for an electrician to inspect and repair

He’ll fix your home with love and care

Cause it’s a Winter Wonderland…

Winter is frustrating enough; do not let your home frustrate you too.  If you are in the Plainville CT area, give KCO Electric call today at 1-860-404-0230.

For more information on Connecticut and its severe cold weather protocol, look here.


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