Considering an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

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Considering an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Does your home need an upgraded electrical panel? Don’t know? Well, you’re not alone. If you live in an older home, you know how important it is to stay on top of maintenance issues. Failure to identify and correct minor problems in a timely manner can quickly lead to costly repairs and safety concerns. Most people address the obvious problems that they can readily see, such as leaks, peeling paint and other aesthetic deterioration but often neglect the issues that lurk out of sight. And the electrical panel, or “breaker box” in common parlance, is one of those things.

The Heart of Your Home

Your electrical panel should be near the top of your maintenance checklist. If you’re living in or purchasing an older home, it truly is the humming heart of the house. All electrical power goes through it and if it’s not sufficient to meet your power needs or has deteriorated with age, it can cause not only frustrating performance problems but also serious safety issues. In today’s electricity-dependent world, electrical panel upgrades are often needed in homes built as recently as the 1980s.

Why Electrical Panel Upgrades Are Necessary

Although average household energy consumption has remained relatively stable over the last decade due to more energy-efficient appliances, this is expected to change in the near future as the economy recovers and reliance on energy-driven products soars. Your electrical panel should be ready to shoulder the extra load. It’s also true that many existing panels simply weren’t intended to handle the energy requirements of modern appliances, computers and other gadgets, especially in Connecticut, which has so many wonderful old homes.

How to Know When Electrical Panel Upgrades Are Necessary

Of course it’s always best to hire a professional electrician to assess whether or not you need to upgrade your electrical panel, but there are some commonsense warning signs including:

  • Flickering lights
  • Breakers or fuses that constantly trip or blow
  • Melted wires or rust and corrosion on the box or components
  • Breakers that trip when you try to use more than one appliance
  • Obvious signs of overheating or breakers that don’t trip
  • Light bulbs burning out after short use

Also, if you’re planning on installing a new appliance in your home that you know will require extra electricity, such as a new freezer, hot tub, sauna or heat pump, you’ll probably want to upgrade your electrical panel. Your homeowner’s insurance rates might be significantly lower after an electrical panel upgrade. And it’s just safe practice to make sure that your panel is safe and up-to-date.

It’s important to have a qualified professional assess whether an electrical panel upgrade is necessary. K-Co Electric has been serving the citizens of Connecticut for more than 25 years and has earned a reputation for fast, professional service. Just ask your neighbors — there’s a good chance they’re already familiar with K-Co Electric. Don’t take unnecessary chances with your electrical power; contact K-Co Electric today for a free evaluation.