Bring Electricity Outside!

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Bring Electricity Outside!

What should you consider? Yard outlets, Motion Lights and and a refrigerator in your garage?! What could your backyard space become?

There are many options and features to consider for your exterior electrical services. Do you need a weather-safe exterior outlet for power tools? How many volts will you need? What about bringing lights into your garage? Below, you will find just a few great options to get you started.

Place a Yard Outlet

Ask a residential electrician to set up an outlet in your yard. The electrician will run wires underground from your home to any area of the yard you need light. You may attach the new outdoor-safe outlet to the side of your garage, pergola, or a lamp post next to your walkway. The new outlet will serve to power the lights without ugly and unsafe extension cords running from inside your home. This outlet, when set up by a licensed Connecticut electrician, will be strong enough to handle power tools, gardening tools and other outdoor power-chord items.  An outdoor electrical outlet serves as an invaluable resource when working outside!

Install Motion Lights

Motion lights, when properly set up, are useful- especially when it gets dark at 4:00pm during Connecticut winters. They conserve electricity by automatically shutting off when light is not needed, then pop on when you walk to the garage, take out the garbage, or move in any other set location. They also tend to scare off intruders who would rather go unnoticed in the dark. You might want to consider setting a motion light at your main door to see afternoon guests.

Bring Power to the Garage

Your shed can be more than just a place to hold the lawnmower! Call a residential electrician to bring power into your garage or shed. An electrical outlet in your shed or garage can transform the space into a woodworking shop by providing electricity to power tools. Add a refrigerator, fill it with beverages and snacks, and it can double as a place to hang-out away from the house.

Electrical Services the Safe Way- Call a Residential Electrician!

It is important to make sure your outdoor lighting is installed correctly and safely, and meet Connecticut’s standards and regulations. Outdoor electrical services will be exposed to Connecticut weather, and must be more durable.

The recent storms have wreaked havoc on many residences, causing breaks in electrical wires, cracks & water damage within electrical panels, and have even torn electrical wiring from houses! Connecticut residences experience unnecessary power outages and surges as a result. It is best to call an electrician for electrical service upgrades, or at least, to evaluate home electrical services to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. 

The only way to make sure an outdoor electrical project is done safely is by hiring a trusted local electrician. Please, do not try to create backyard space yourself; you risk electrical shock and even death. Saving the cost of hiring an electrician is not worth your life! 

Who to Call:

For more information, or to discuss your own backyard project, please call us at K co Electric in Plainville, CT. We serve Plainville, Farmington, Bristol, Avon and the surrounding area.