Follow Guidelines to Prevent Fire

An estimated 10,000 residential house fires happen yearly due to people not following simple guidelines.

The most common that I have seen to be a big problem is in older homes, not to exclude new homes as well, is the wrong bulb in the fixture. This always draws a red flag when K-Co is called out to a service call due to a light not working and the first thing noticed is some old 1970 or older light is installed and the customer tells me they just changed the bulb and it still doesn’t work. I’ll first go and look at the panel and find the breaker that controls that circuit is tripped, or even worse it’s not tripped. Often enough once we take the light down we find that the bulb max might be 65 watt max and instead someone put a 100 watt in. After asking the question why would someone do this, the most common answer given is well it was too dark so I needed more light, so I put a bigger bulb in. This is very bad because the light bulb gives off heat and then the heat radiates up through the fixture and most of the older fixtures had no or very little insulation in to protect the wires above in the box. This causes the wire chasing to break down, melt off then heat the box up and in turn catch the wood framing on fire.

The seriousness of what we’re talking about is no joke. Not too long ago we had a job in a local town (Plainville) the people had just bought an older home from an older couple. All was fine until they started to update the light fixtures. Well, as they started to take one light down they saw the box had burn marks in it. K-Co Electric was called in for a service call, we found that the light fixtures had too big of a bulb in it. Not just that one but all of the fixtures. Wires were burnt so far back that luckily there was attic space above so we could repair this with not too much cost. This was a close call because I do feel a fire was going to happen!

At is time of year when we change our clocks back inadequate lighting could be a hazard as well. Yes, it always gets dark but when it gets dark while a lot of us get out of work by 4:30-5:00 PM. Parking lot lights need to be working. We just took care of a customer in Bristol, CT whose parking lot lights were all almost out. They had an insurance audit that pushed them to have K-Co Electric come in to get everything up and running.

Outside lighting on a building or a home can help with tripping hazards or combat crime so it just makes no sense to ignore it. K-Co Electric has been helping service areas such as Farmington, Bristol, West Hartford, Avon, Plainville etc. for years. Simple fixes such as motion lights, time clocks, photo eyes, post lights or parking lot poles. Whether it is a home, office, manufacturer or mall, K-Co Electric is here to turn on the lights. So give us a call 860-404-0230 or 860-250-1850.