2013: the year of the backup generator?

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2013: the year of the backup generator?

2012 was an unpredictable year.  Between the economy and nature, life seemed off balanced.  The year, if anything, taught us that preparation is everything.

Superstorm Sandy and Winter Storm Euclid proved that backup generators are an absolute must for every home.  During these storms, electrical power is the first thing to go out, leaving many families in the literal and figurative dark.  It can be scary when you suddenly lose power and even scarier if you have young children.  Having a backup generator in place is a relief and you can rest easy knowing that in the event of a major storm, you are prepared and your family can rest easy.  A backup generator shows your neighborhood that you’re someone who thinks of everything.  No storm will threaten your family and put your life on hold!  Make 2013 the year of the backup generator and sleep soundly at night.  Even lawmakers are getting onboard.

In New Jersey, there is proposed legislation that would require all gas stations to have backup generators.  It’s certainly an interesting idea.  In the article “Bill: Gas stations must have backup generators”, AnnMarie Costella of the Queens Chronicle writes, “The long lines at gas stations following superstorm Sandy are not images that will easily be forgotten.  In many cases, it wasn’t a gas shortage that was the problem, but a lack of electricity that prevented pumping.” While this may solve the problem of lines during and after a storm, gas stations are concerned about the costs of the generators.  They also feel that if legislation were to go through, some smaller, independently run gas stations would have to close their doors.  There will always be storms.  It’s best if we were well prepared, from top to bottom.  For more info, you can read the article here.

Nevertheless, many people have received backup generators for Christmas.  It was a popular gift this year and with good reason.  If you did receive one, I strongly suggest that you don’t install it yourself, especially if you’re hooking it up to the mainline.  You may improperly install it or worse, you may hurt yourself and someone else.  A professional electrician will insure the safety of your family by installing it properly and efficiently.  If you do it, you do it right.